1   Has BP Summoned the Fires of Hell ?
Rick´s Picks  –
2   Warum wir zurück in die Rezession fallen
Huffington Post  –
3   How Goldman profits from Nonprofits
Business Week  –
4   The Oil Spill as Metaphor for Our Times
The Smirking Chimp  – 
5   25 Questions to ask Anyone who is Delusional enough to believe that this Economic Recovery is Real
6   Manchurian Candidate Market
7   High Frequency Terrorism – How the Big Banks and Federal Reserve Maintained their Death Grip Over the United States
Amped Status   –
  The Financial Oligarchy Reigns: Democracy´s Death Spiral from Greece to the United States
Amped Status  –
9  Who Will Bail Out the Bailer-Outers ?
First Things  –
 10  Accenture´s Chart Tells the Real Story
The Burning Platform  –
11  Things Fall Apart
The Smirking Chimp  –
12  It´s Not About Greece Any More
The Baseline Scenario
13  The Quiet Coup (Der stille Umsturz)
14  Goldman Shorted The Housing Market BEFORE It Sold Abacus To Those Idiot German Banks
Clusterstock  –
15 Die IKB als Opfer im ABACUS-Schema ? Hahaha …..
The Business Insider  –
16  The Myth of China as a Superpower (chinesische Sichtweise, aufschlussreich)
The Chinese Dream –
17  The Cover-Up
The Baseline Scenario  –
18 The West Virginia Mining Disaster and the Financial Crisis Have the Same Root Cause (Brilliantes Stück) 
Arianna Huffington  –
19 Do rising oil prices threaten the economic recovery ? 
20 No Room to Relax (Wie Peking den Immobilienmarkt steuert)
21 Unaffiliated Headlines from other Sites – Sehr schöne Blogpresseschau
Calculated Risk Blog  –
22 Kann man das Nichts verbriefen ? Der Gründer der „First Bank of Antimatter“ sucht das nächste Megageschäft für Goldman Sachs
23 Who will pay for China´s bad Loans ?
China Financial Markets
24 The Collapse of Complex Business Models
Clay Shirky  –
25 Blogs and Web Sites you may want to follow
CrisisMaven´s Blog  –
26 Is This a Recovery ?
Thoughts from the Frontline
27 Eurozone Structural Problems
Howe Street  –

28 Japan – Defying Gravity ? (In Zeitlupe gegen die Wand)

Alpha.Sources.CV  –

29 Economic Musings I: The State of “the” Economy


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