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Liste guter Blogs und Websites

Blütenlese mit den besten Wirtschafts-Seiten im Web

Vancouver, 6. April 2010

Da hat sich mal wieder jemand sehr viel Mühe gemacht. In CrisisMaven´s, einem meiner Lieblingsblogs in den USA wurde die nachfolgende Liste lesenswerter Blogs und Webseiten zusammengestellt, sicher eine schöne Referenzliste

wie man sie nicht aller Tage sieht.

Hier ein Auszug:

List of Blogs and Web Sites

The Mess That Greenspan Made and its successor blog at a new location The Mess That Greenspan Made “reloaded” by “Tim Iacono … a retired software engineer”.

MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis by “Mike Shedlock (Mish) … a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management”.

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden (a pseudonym) and a host of others, often in investigative journalism mode.

The Automatic Earth – always good for a fresh take on old debates, like the deflation/inflation conundrum.

ducati998 who has spent time writing ripostes to my take on deflationary vs. inflationary effects of defaults etc.

The Volokh Conspiracy … “… is a group blog. Most … are law professors.” writing about all and sundry and often fresh takes on the economy. Like at Zero Hedge, often readers’ comments are as worthy of reading as the articles.

The ReadWriteWeb – not only economics but just about everything, always noteworthy.

The Curious Capitalist – Commentary on the economy, the markets, and business – TIME magazine’s (CNN) economics blog.

“Analyse + Aktion” – despite its strange web site domain an interesting blog on politics and economics, mostly in German.

Financial Armageddon “Insights on debt, derivatives, government guarantees, the retirement system and the coming economic unravelling”. They’ve now featured this article and listed a few of the blogs and sites mentioned above and below, in a post titled “Media Appearance…and Other Items of Interest” but they’ve also provided a list from’s latest EconDirectory listing the top 15 economics blogs, Financial Armageddon having risen now to position 12. Not all of the 15 busiest sites are yet listed here (might after I’ve studied the ones I haven’t covered), so go visit.

Brad DeLong – “Grasping Reality with Our Minions, Our Machines, and Our Mental Powers – The Semi-Daily Journal of Economist J. Bradford DeLong: Fair, Balanced, Reality-Based, and Mulish, Department of Economics, U.C. Berkeley”

Lupo Cattivo (“the bad wolf”) and its successor site lupo cattivo – gegen die Weltherrschaft – Nachrichten-Hintergründe-Informationen intriguingly in English, German, Italian and French and thus sometimes unusual takes on historical perspectives.

The Baseline Scenario – CrisisMaven begs to often differ, but they always cover their ground at least thoroughly.’s blog – often interesting posts with even more interesting links to subjects from climate to the economy to politics to history.

information aesthetics – Where form follows data always worth a visit if you want to be up to date in data visualisation of economic, financial, historical and political data or events!

And I a similar vein Gaertner’s Blog – Die Weltwirtschaft vom Pazifik aus, mostly German, with links to very good charts and graphs on current events.

EvilSpeculator “bent on market domination” – ” … dedicated to identifying trends in the financial markets” and often has interesting articles that go beyond investing.

EUobserver Blogs – if you want to follow the European Union and not get mired in its hundreds of thousands of pages issued each year (what better way to hide calamity than in stacks of paper no one will ever read), then often this blog will point out critical developments that you might have otherwise missed.

Money and Markets – “With over 500,000 active readers, Weiss Research is one of the most widely read investment newsletter publishers in the U.S.”. They have time and again warned, like few others, of developments that later came true exactly as predicted.

The Motley Fool – a well-known site on investment advice with a lively blog scene.

Die ganze Liste ist hier bei CrisisMaven´s zu sehen:

WELL DONE, CrisisMaven !

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